Does the social network happy medium exist?

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In a recent post, I wondered if I am using Facebook right. As a writer, presenter and consultant, I am also a salesman, and the product I sell is me.

I find it difficult to sell myself without coming off as self-aggrandizing and, perhaps, even a little arrogant. Many writers and presenters I know promote their blogs, books and appearances on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks. To their credit, they also share tons of valuable

My social networking strategy is to share more information than promotional material. I give away how-to videos on my Learn it in 5 web site, and I share hundreds of powerful links to valuable professional development sites on Twitter each month

Mixed in with all of this information, and any thought-provoking posts I place here, I must admit to adding promotional material to Facebook, Twitter and this blog (note the message at the bottom of the page, pushing my book, Role Reversal.

I guess I’m trying to find that magic happy medium — the perfect blend of information sharing and self-promotion.

I wonder, though, does the social network happy medium really exist?

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