Are Apple products really user-friendly?

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Before I begin this rant, let me make it clear that I am an Apple guy through and through. A fully-converted Apple guy, no less. Not more than a few months ago, I was a PC and Droid user.


Then, I saw the light shining off of the late Steve Jobs’ gorgeous Apple insignia, and I made the switch.

Now, we are an Apple house, filled with iPhones, an iPod, an iPad, a Macbook and a fabulous iMac desktop computer, complete with a massive 27-inch screen. We even have Apple TV — one of the tech giant’s most-underrated products, I’m guessing.

Even shiny apples have worms

For months, I have sang the praises of my amazing Apple products to friends, family and coworkers.

Then, Apple introduced iOS 7, the much-anticipated new operating system that powers most of its devices. The third update recently launched with the iCloud Keychain feature, and a squiggly worm peeked out from my shiny Apple.

I spent nearly two hours, including 15 minutes downloading the new iOS 7 update, attempting to figure out Keychain — a feature that purportedly saves all of your usernames, passwords and even credit card information in a secure place on Apple’s iCloud.

Sounds awesome, in theory. Every time I have to type my email address and password to access a previously-used website I want to pull out my hair, which wouldn’t be such a bad thing, if I could limit the extraction to only the gray.

Little did I know that I would have to change settings, enter new pass codes and refer to numerous help sites, before ultimately giving up on Keychain.

If this is user-friendly, I’m wondering what Apple’s definition of “friend” is.

As an Apple convert, is it really asking too much for user-friendly to mean just that?

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