Hey Browns, why did you make me like you?

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Many years ago, probably about the time Art Modell stole the team away to Baltimore, I stopped following the Cleveland Browns as an ardent fan.

It was especially easy, when they returned and were abysmally bad for so long. Who am I kidding? They’ve been pretty awful since their return. Sure, I’d watch, but the never-ending losses were easy to take, because I had no expectations.

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Then this year came, and things changed. A completely new regime from owner down to coaching staff brought new hope. A few quality wins and quality losses and, suddenly, this team was watchable. Hell, they were even fun to watch.

Even after a rash of injuries, most notably to quarterbacks Brandon Weeden and Brian Hoyer, the Browns continued to compete. Yesterday, they took the unbeaten Kansas City Chiefs to the final drive, threatening to hand them their first loss on their home field.

I was excited. I was on the edge of my seat. I was yelling at the TV, something I hadn’t done in decades.

Then the game ended, and I realized I’d been suckered by the Cleveland Browns again. A comedy of errors occurred in classic Browns fashion, and miraculous victory turned into bitter defeat.

Why did I let this happen? How could I have been so stupid?

How could I have liked the Cleveland Browns again?

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