You think that’s scary. . .

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Since this blog is relatively new, I figured I’d start a tradition of writing holiday-specific posts. With today being Halloween, I decided to share the things that really scare me. Here they are in no particular order.

Arne DuncanThe U.S. secretary of education is one of the scariest politicians ever. He may single-handedly destroy American education.


Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Mike Brown — Now in his second stint with the Cavs, Mike

Brown is a likable guy who knows how to create defensive-minded NBA players, which is no small feat. Brown couldn’t cut it with the Lakers, though, and he couldn’t win a ring with LeBron James and a solid supporting cast. I want Brown to succeed, but he definitely scares me.

Power outages — We recently lost power for more than 24 hours, and I realized that a night without Apple TV scares the bejesus out of me.

Personality tests — I answered a few questions on a personality test and learned that I should be living in Pennsylvania. I’m a Browns fan; need I say more?

Jimmy Graham’s ankle — Through eight weeks of fantasy football, I’m tied for a playoff spot and nipping at the heels of my division’s leader. (Hey, don’t scoff. This league is 24 years old and very serious.) Jimmy Graham is my superstar. He’s already won several games for me with monster performances, but Graham has plantar fasciitis. There is nothing more terrifying this Halloween than the thought of Jimmy Graham missing the rest of the season and costing me a shot at my sixth Fantasy Bowl appearance.

So, what really scares you?

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