Buy or Sell Bill Belichick as best-ever NFL coach

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When Bill Belichick coached my hometown Cleveland Browns from 1991-1995, I was convinced he was a loser, unworthy of the title of head coach in the National Football League.

Who knew that 18 seasons later, Belichick would be the topic of a Buy or Sell post?

I’m buying Bill Belichick as the best-ever NFL head coach

Let me begin with the obvious — five Super Bowl appearances and three wins. I realize Pittsburgh’s Chuck Noll won four titles, but the big trophy isn’t the only measure of greatness.

Belichick is in the top 10 in all-time wins (keep quiet all you Don Shula fans; the guy coached for 157 years). Plus, Belichick’s Patriots were a perfect 16-0 in 2007, and the New England head coach is an uncanny 18-8 all-time in the playoffs.

These are truly remarkable feats, but they don’t come close to what distinguishes “The Hoodie” above all NFL coaches.

Just when I thought Belichick couldn’t add to his resume, until the playoffs begin, he did something virtually everyone on the planet who watches football would have bet against. Belichick and his Patriots came back from a 24-0 halftime deficit to defeat Peyton Manning and a Super Bowl-contending Denver Broncos team.

Still unimpressed? Get this, prior to that win, teams facing 24-0 halftime deficits were 5-617, according to Elias Sports. That is a .008 winning percentage for the trailing teams. Let’s not forget that Belichick had to rally his troops against Peyton Manning, who is having arguably the greatest season of any passer in history.

If this astonishing win were the only one in Bill Belichick’s coaching career, I might still buy him as best-ever NFL coach.

Disagree? Who is your top all-tim NFL coach?

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