Hilarious QR code lecture

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Thanks to Rebecca Woodhead of the Bexter Review for sharing this split-your-side-laughing video, featuring Scott Stratten, lecturing about proper use of Quick Response, or QR, codes.

In case you really don’t get this, here is a perfect example of what Scott is talking about.

QRCodeIf you have a QR code reader on your device, you can take a picture of this QR code. The code will instantly take you to a website.

Of course, it would be just as easy to click this link. Both the code and the link take you to my website, www.markbarnes19.com.

QR codes belong on paper. They are ideal for schools, books, magazines and other places, where you can easily take a picture of the code, which serves as a one-click roadmap to another piece of information.

A novel about a treasure hunt, for example, might have a QR code that takes you to a website, where a treasure map is located. So, you see, QR codes can be really cool, when used properly.

When they’re used improperly? Well, say Goodbye to your cat.

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