What if you had to cut your social network to one

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Take a minute to consider your social network. Remember, your social network is the combination of everyone you follow or friend on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or any other service.

In many cases, that may include thousands of people. Imagine now that you have to cut your network to one person. You are probably thinking that this is ridiculous and absolutely impossible.
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What if the social network rules were rewritten though? What if you really did have to choose just one? Who would it be?
I’m not quite sure what made me think of this, but as I sat in a doctor’s waiting room this morning, trolling Twitter and Facebook, I started to wonder, “Who is the one person in my social network that I value more than anyone else? Who provides me with amazing information, humor or insight? Who posts something that I read every single day and never want to miss?”

Remember, we’re only talking about social media; I’m not saying you have to disown your sister or ignore your BFF. You might decide, in this case, though, to eliminate them from your social network.

Would you like to know what I decided?

Meanwhile, who is in your one-person social network?

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