When NBA meetings go wrong

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After a particularly brutal beating at the hands of the Minnesota Timberwolves last week, the Cleveland Cavaliers called a players-only meeting. In fact, it was reported that All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving unceremoniously ejected the coaches from the locker room, just prior to the meeting’s start.

via: Kingsrowe.com

From there, the details are sketchy, but a variety of sources say the meeting turned ugly, with players confronting each other about their bad play. At that point, fingers could have pointed anywhere, as no Cavalier, other than CJ Miles, has been very good this year. In fact, when compared to his first two years in the NBA, Irving’s statistics are quite appalling.

Some sports team insiders will say that players-only meetings can be more effective than meetings involving coaches. Presumably, those involve leaders who are respected by their teammates. This is something the Cavaliers seem to be missing. Irving has admitted to members of the local media that he needs to be a better leader.

So what happens when leaderless, players-only NBA team meetings go wrong?

The Cavs followed their 29-point loss to Minnesota with another loss at home to an underwhelming Charlotte team.

After the next lopsided loss, Brown might consider placing a gag order on his players, because players-only meetings don’t seem to be the answer in Cleveland.

Do you know of a time when a players-only meeting turned a team around?

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