Yes, even a pro football player can be bullied

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When you picture National Football League players, it’s difficult to envision them as targets of bullying. It is quite possible, though, that bullying is an issue in the NFL.


Miami Dolphins offensive lineman, Jonathan Martin, left the team recently, alleging that teammate Richie Incognito has bullied him.

Martin is 6-foot-5, 312 pounds. Can a man this size, a professional football player, no less, really be bullied so badly that he feels he must leave his team?

The Dolphins must think so, because they’ve suspended Incognito, and rumors are that his future in Miami is over.

This incident might serve as a powerful teachable moment about how prolific bullying is, and not just in schools.

We tend to teach kids that the strong pick on the weak. Maybe it’s time to take a long, careful look at just who the weak are.

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