Dear Santa, I want a fantasy football title for Christmas

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I have been in the same fantasy football league for 24 years. I have no research to bear me out, but I’m pretty sure that ours is one of the oldest fantasy football leagues in existence.


If you understand fantasy football, you know that this is one competitive game. Average people get to manage teams, in much the same way NFL general managers do. We make weekly lineup decisions, just like NFL head coaches. Fantasy football team owners pore over weekly statistics and review match-ups, deciding whom to play in critical games that could ultimately lead to a Fantasy Super Bowl.

That Fantasy Bowl, for most leagues worldwide, is today — Week 16 in the National Football League. Because some NFL stars will be resting for the playoffs next week, it’s best to play Fantasy Bowls the week before. No one wants Peyton Manning cooling his jets on the sidelines, when a fantasy league championship is on the line.

Yes, we fantasy football owners take this stuff seriously. I always say I’m not a competitive person. When it comes to fantasy football, though, I’d sell my soul in a second for a big day this week by CJ Spiller, who has been the proverbial bust this year. All will be forgiven with one long TD run in the fantasy title game, when I need him most.

I have made the Fantasy Bowl this year for a record 6th time in my competitive 12-team fantasy football league. A win will even my championship record at 3-3. The journey began four months ago at our annual fantasy football draft, when I started building my championship team, selecting Jimmy Graham with my first pick. After numerous trades, free agent pickups and a host of tricky lineup moves, my team is on the precipice of another championship trophy.

Now that you know the importance of fantasy football and the lengthy history of my league, you won’t be surprised to learn that I’ve asked Santa for one thing this Christmas — a Fantasy Bowl Championship.

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