Have we seen the last of the real Black Mamba?

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Kobe Bryant is hurt again. He only returned to action recently, after sitting out the first month of the season, after rupturing his achilles last year.

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Now, a cracked knee has sidelined the Los Angeles Lakers star again, making one wonder if NBA fans will ever again be able to marvel at Kobe Bryant’s wondrous play.

Bryant is 35, and he’s played in 1,465 NBA games, including the playoffs, and numerous other Olympic and summer competitions.

His game has already morphed into something quite different from what it was even five years ago.

Bryant can still kill opponents with a sick fall away J, with a taller defender draped all over him. He can meander his way through traffic and spin the ball off the backboard and into the cup, with relative ease.

The mammoth dunks, for the most part, have faded into the distance. Blowing by younger, quicker guards is ancient history.

Returning from a ruptured achilles with a withering body seemed doubtful.

Now, with yet another devastating blow to those oh-so-tender twigs that Kobe calls legs, one must wonder if we haven’t seen the last of the real Black Mamba.

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