Hey Major League Baseball, I’m breaking up with you!

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Major League Baseball and I are not married; we’re not even dating. Still as a longtime fan, whose interest has waned in recent years, mostly because of an endless stream of failed Cleveland Indians seasons, I’m breaking all ties with MLB.

via: ESPN.com

Why would an avid sports fan go to such extremes? I’ll answer in two words — Robinson Cano. The former Yankees 2nd baseman recently signed a free agent contract worth, get this, $240 million over 10 years.

Maybe I should be mad at the Yankees for starting a Cano bidding war. Perhaps it’s the Seattle Mariners I should hate for creating this beyond ridiculous contract.

Not only is $24 million a year for a ballplayer a slap in the face to any blue collar worker, it’s especially infuriating to me — an educator, completely convinced that I’m in the most important profession there is. Am I worth millions? No. Am I worth more than a guy who hits baseballs? Without a doubt.

Don’t even get me started on how marginally talented Cano is when compared to other great players, who never made one-tenth of his salary.

So, there you have it. I’m sick of the money that MLB teams are handing out, with no thought to the economic ramifications. Maybe I can’t stop it, but I don’t have to participate.

This is why I’m breaking up with Major League Baseball forever.

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