I’m the Cleveland Browns new quarterback

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Maybe you laugh at the title of this blog post, but is it really so farfetched that the Cleveland Browns might choose me as their next starting field general? Hey, I was a helluva good street quarterback, when I was a kid.

“Here’s what we’re going to do,” I’d tell my friends in our makeshift huddle in a neighbor’s driveway, as we interrupted play for passing cars. “Jeff, you break off your route by that red car and cut hard toward the Miller’s house. Eric, you sprint straight and button-hook just behind that blue Chevy.”

Alex Tanney, via Yahoo Sports

Seconds later, I’d fire a dart to Jeff’s outstretched hands, just before he stepped out of bounds near the tree lawn. Of course, Jeff made the catch; I swear that kid had Super Glue on his fingertips.

Sure, it’s more than three decades later, and my arm is not as strong. Oh, and I never did play organized football. These may be strikes, but do they really make me less attractive to the Browns than Caleb Hanie or Alex Tanney?

Be honest, are Hanie or Tanney any more recognizable to you in name than I am? Unless they give me a shot, how can the Browns coaches know I won’t give them a better chance at victory?

After all, Tanney has never thrown a pass in a regular season NFL game, and Hanie has thrown just 116, and 10 of those were intercepted.

I know with a few practice reps and Josh Gordon on my team, I definitely won’t be giving the ball to the opponent as often as Hanie does.

So, that’s it. I’m ready. Give me a call, and I’ll be the next Cleveland Browns quarterback.

If you know the Browns, you know they could do worse.

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