Is your fantasy football season hanging by a thread?

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It’s week 13 in the NFL. For fantasy football leagues, this is the last week of the regular season.


If you’re not a fantasy football aficionado, you may not know that most fantasy football leagues use the NFL’s weeks 14-16 for the fantasy football playoffs. This way, you don’t have to play the Fantasy Bowl on dreaded week 17, when many NFL teams are resting their best players for the real playoffs.

You don’t want to compete for a championship and, in some cases, substantial prize money with Peyton Manning watching from the sidelines on the final week of the season.

Across America and into Canada, where more than 30 million people are playing fantasy football, team owners are reeling this week, as they battle for a playoff spot and the coveted Fantasy Bowl trophy.

What makes week 13 so exciting and stressful are the variables that affect that final playoff spot. In my fantasy football league, seven of the 12 teams are vying for three remaining playoff spots. The tie-breaking possibilities seem endless.

As the NFL plays out week 13, these fantasy football team owners will be wildly cheering their own players, while rooting against other owners and rooting for the players that might defeat the ones they’re rooting against (huh? that confuses even me, and I’ve been playing fantasy football for 24 years).

So, is your fantasy football season hanging by a thread this week? Who are you cheering for? Who are you rooting against?

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