KidBlog is no longer completely free

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Sad news for educators, using KidBlog. The education blog host, designed by teachers for teachers, is no longer completely free.

I recently noticed an “upgrade” button on my dashboard. I can’t find any news of this change, and in August, reported that KidBlog was indeed still free. Unfortunately, now the “upgrade” button on the KidBlog site brings up the page below.

Last year, I had 120 users and unlimited teachers. My students could select their own themes, which was a critical part of creating the autonomy that kids love so much. Now, these are paid features.

I have touted KidBlog for many years in how-to videos at Learn it in 5. I promote KidBlog regularly at conferences and workshops.

KidBlog is still a wonderful product, but I’m deeply saddened that it has joined other sites and gone corporate.

Will you continue using a paid version of KidBlog?

Update 12/10/13
KidBlog co-founder and CEO, Matt Hardy, defends move to pay plan. Read my reaction here.

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