Week in Review: Kidblog sparks dialogue

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When news broke of education blog king, Kidblog.org, moving to a freemium platform (some features free, others available with a paid upgrade), it seemed that anyone using the product had an opinion. The Kidblog post was so hot, it sparked a follow-up.

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In case you missed any of the action, these posts and other hot topics are listed below in this Week in Review:

  1. Kidblog no longer completely free: Shocked to find a paid upgrade in my Kidblog dashboard, I spread the news of the change in this post.
  2. Kidblog CEO defends move to paid platform: When educators started commenting and sharing the news of my post about the big change, Kidblog’s co-founder, Matt Hardy, weighed in, inspiring this post.
  3. Anti-homework movement is growing: Always a hot-button issue in education, this post was one of the most popular ever at The Results Only Learning Blog, so I cross-posted it here and found that its popularity has not dwindled.
  4. Your tweets are not your own: Inspired by an interesting video on the the dangers of social media in business, I followed up with this post.
  5. Buy or Sell Lebron James as NBA’s all-time best player: The “best-all-time-player” is always a fun debate in any sport. Being from Cleveland, this one is especially interesting to me.
Enjoy these posts, comment if you wish and, as always, please pass them along to friends and family.
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