Cool Coach Carroll easy to root for

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Since my hometown Cleveland Browns never play in the Super Bowl, I don’t typically have a rooting interest, even though I love the NFL and have played fantasy football for nearly as long as it has existed. This year, though, is different.

I’m rooting for Pete Carroll. It may seem odd that I didn’t say I want Seattle to win, but a Seahawks’ victory is only a product of my real goal — a championship for Carroll, the coolest coach in any sport.

If you doubt Carroll’s cool, consider these chilly facts:

  • While coaching at USC, Carroll had a Facebook page, almost before Mark Zuckerberg had one. 
  • Carroll has a Twitter page with nearly 900,000 followers. 
  • When most owners, general managers and fans think a player’s coach can’t win, Carroll does it year after year.
  • Carroll invites his players to take yoga class, and they participate willingly.
  • About five minutes after Seattle management paid Matt Flynn a billion dollars (okay maybe a little less) to be their new quarterback, Carroll named rookie Russell Wilson the starter. Wilson has the Seahawks in the Super Bowl in his second year. You have to be a certain kind of cool to make a move like this.

Social media legend. Player’s coach. Yoga master. Winner. These are all things Pete Carroll.

None of these, though, describes him as well as my favorite moniker.

One cool coach!

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