Will fans forgive Jameis Winston?

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Fans are usually quick to forgive.

Mike Tyson bit a fighter’s ear off in a boxing match, and his popularity didn’t suffer. Miley Cyrus twerked on national TV, and she had the biggest year of her young singing career.

And now there’s Jameis Winston (pictured below).

photo credit: zennie62 via photopin cc
The Florida State quarterback, Heisman Trophy winner and BCS National Champion overcame allegations of rape, or did he?
Winston had, arguably, the greatest year of any freshman in college football history. If he were eligible for the NFL draft, he would likely be the first player taken. Winston’s skills are hardly debatable.

The baby-faced Winston, however, was accused of rape. Sure, investigators tossed the case, when the evidence pointed to consensual sex, but does this erase the stigma that accompanies the allegations?

For the fluid Seminole passer, this episode was barely a speed bump, but one must wonder if fans outside of Tallahassee will hold Winston’s dalliance with a younger girl against him.

Or, will we forgive Jameis Winston? And if we do, will we do it too quickly?

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