Around the web: top 5 posts for the week of 2-10

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Shirley Temple via

Honestly, we didn’t realize how popular our Top 5  web review would be. Since last week’s Around-the-Web Top 5 was one of our most popular posts, we decided to make this a series. Remember, these are not just Brilliant or Insane posts; they are other items we shared that fans enjoyed.

Here is the second installment of Around the Web Top 5:

  1. Shirley Temple dies at 85: Pop Culture writer, Anna Turner, shared a brief history and highly-entertaining video from the child star’s life.
  2. 1 Weekly Habit That Will Push You to Peak Performance:’s Laura Garnett suggests that if you ask yourself these questions, you’ll always be at your best.
  3. 8 things all students need from their teachers: Education writer, Reed Gillespie, inspired thousands of educators with this powerful, can’t-miss list.
  4. Browns fire GM Michael Lombardi: Brilliant or Insane publisher, Mark Barnes, offered a local perspective as yet another Cleveland GM got canned.
  5. The recliner desk you’ve been waiting for: Holy Kaw’s Kate Rinsema sparked the pragmatic comfort-monger in all of us with this nifty post.

Bonus pick

Top 5 reasons 50 is the new 30: For all of the quinquagenarians, hopefully this one makes you feel good about turning half a hundred.

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