Around the web: top 5 posts for the week of 2-10

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Shirley Temple via

Honestly, we didn’t realize how popular our Top 5  web review would be. Since last week’s Around-the-Web Top 5 was one of our most popular posts, we decided to make this a series. Remember, these are not just Brilliant or Insane posts; they are other items we shared that fans enjoyed.

Here is the second installment of Around the Web Top 5:

  1. Shirley Temple dies at 85: Pop Culture writer, Anna Turner, shared a brief history and highly-entertaining video from the child star’s life.
  2. 1 Weekly Habit That Will Push You to Peak Performance:’s Laura Garnett suggests that if you ask yourself these questions, you’ll always be at your best.
  3. 8 things all students need from their teachers: Education writer, Reed Gillespie, inspired thousands of educators with this powerful, can’t-miss list.
  4. Browns fire GM Michael Lombardi: Brilliant or Insane publisher, Mark Barnes, offered a local perspective as yet another Cleveland GM got canned.
  5. The recliner desk you’ve been waiting for: Holy Kaw’s Kate Rinsema sparked the pragmatic comfort-monger in all of us with this nifty post.

Bonus pick

Top 5 reasons 50 is the new 30: For all of the quinquagenarians, hopefully this one makes you feel good about turning half a hundred.

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Mark Barnes is the Founder of Times 10 Publications, which produces the popular Hack Learning Series, The uNseries, and other books from some of education's most reputable teachers and leaders. Barnes presents internationally on assessment, connected education, and Hack Learning. Connect with @markbarnes19 on Twitter.

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