Billy Ray Cyrus releases “Achy Break Heart 2”

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As if the Cyrus bloodline has not disappointed America enough, patriarch Billy Ray released a remake of his (only) hit song, “Achy Breaky Heart.” The remake, created and mixed by artist Buck 22, is an electric dance music/hip-hop take on the country classic.

The video begins with a fake newscast from Larry King–something that should tip you off to how weird this is about to be.

In the normal fashion of hip hop music videos, there are woman wearing electrical tape (and only electrical tape), fog machines operating at full force, and one seemingly out of place addition.

In the case of “Achy Breaky 2,” the addition is Billy Ray Cyrus. The video takes place inside a spaceship, and the electrical tape women are smoking a modified hookah. All the while, Buck 22 is making a sad attempt at rapping. Here’s a tip: Verses should be more than four bars.

The track’s only hook is based on the original “Achy Breaky’s” signature riff, making it less of a remake and more of a tribute. As you listen to the track, you’ll notice a serious lack of bass, counter-melody and beat drops to really qualify this song as club-worthy, let alone quality. Not only that, Buck 22’s vocals are overpowered by the electronic beat, giving the song an overall “demo” feel.

It was a good effort, but it seems that Kids Dance Express “Achy Breaky” remake still reigns supreme. Seriously, check it out.

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