Cavs fire GM Chris Grant

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via: USA Today Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in one of the most dismal stretches of basketball in the franchise’s history. In fact, the Cavs are so bad right now, local radio personalities are calling them the most embarrassing team in all of sports. Ouch!

Responding to a humiliating defeat to a Los Angeles Lakers team that came to Cleveland with only eight players (none named Kobe Bryant) and finished the game with only five, the Cavs fired General Manager Chris Grant, according to Yahoo Sports.

Team owner Dan Gilbert had to do something. Talk around Cleveland is centering around what fans can do to get the Quicken Loans CEO’s attention; suggestions range from humorous to downright ridiculous, but who can blame Cleveland fans?

What’s next?

If you have seen any of the Cavs’ last 10 games, you know that the ax is likely to continue to fall.

One must wonder if head coach Mike Brown isn’t next.

Brilliant or Insane publisher Mark Barnes covered the Cavs for the Warren Tribune in the 1980s. He now writes primarily about education.

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