Countdown to the Oscars

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Friday, February 14, marked the final day of voting for the 2014 Academy Awards. This pinnacle Hollywood awards ceremony is March 2 and will be hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. Let’s take a look at the films that are true players in this year’s Academy Awards:

Twelve Years A Slave
Nominated for nine Oscars
This historical drama follows the story of Solomon Northup, a free man forced into slavery after being kidnapped in 1841.

Wolf of Wall Street
Nominated for five Oscars
Martin Scorsese’s latest film documents the rise and fall of Wall Street anti-hero Jordan Belfort.

Nominated for four Oscars
A jaded journalist meets a woman searching for her long-lost son after being forced to give him up at birth.

Nominated for six oscars
A black and white film about a man who believes he has won the lottery and the father-son road trip to collect his winnings.

Nominated for five Oscars
A love story between a man and his computer operating system.

Nominated for ten Oscars
An engineer and astronaut try to get home safely after being stranded in space.

Dallas Buyers Club
Nominated for six Oscars
After being diagnosed with AIDS, a 1980’s Dallas sheriff manipulates the system to get treatment for others suffering from the same disease.

Captain Phillips
Nominated for six Oscars
This film is the true story of Somali pirates hijacking an American cargo ship.

American Hustle
Nominated for ten Oscars
A Jersey conman is forced into the world of mafia and power brokers.

So, if you had a vote, which is your Best Picture? Let us know in the comment section.


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