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In all honesty, I’ve always hated Facebook.

Sure, I use Facebook, because it’s a necessary social network, and I am a content curator — that is, someone who creates, maintains and shares a ton of information across many platforms. So, because my friends and colleagues like Facebook, I use it.

Still, I’ve always believed Facebook to be an incredibly clunky tool. It took hours one day just to learn how to set up folders and arrange pictures, and I’m a pretty tech savvy guy.

For the longest time, it’s bothered me that the world’s largest information source couldn’t figure out the simplicity of sharing content. Why hadn’t Mark Zuckerberg and his minions followed in the footsteps of Twitter, Feedly and Flipboard — social networks that sport remarkably clean, user-friendly platforms.

Although Facebook may still have features I don’t love (why doesn’t Facebook automatically size pics and banners to fit?), all is forgiven, thanks to the recent launch of Facebook Paper.

Arguably the most user-friendly, aesthetically-pleasing, downright cool content curation tool ever created, Paper is a true game changer.

Not only can you interact with Facebook the old way, you now can pull in content from a myriad of sources around the Internet in just about any subject you wish.

Scared of change? Worried you won’t know how to use Paper? Don’t worry; a sexy woman (just an automated voice, really) will tell you exactly what to do, with every swipe. It took me all of about three minutes to download Facebook Paper, learn how to navigate, add my desired content and start, reading, liking and sharing.

Facebook Paper is more than just a social network. It’s the new generation of content curation.


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