Happy Endings: A foreshadowing title for TV show’s cast members

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The much-loved yet short-lived series Happy Endings met an early end last summer when the series was cancelled.

Though there was talk of the show being picked up by another network, nothing came to fruition apart from syndication and fan outrage.

The cult following of Happy Endings does have something to be happy about, however. Zachary Knighton, who played Dave on “Endings,”has landed a role on Fox’s six-episode pilot sitcom, Weird Loners. “Loners,” like “Endings,” is a single-camera show that follows the lives of twenty-something singles struggling to navigate the dating world in the big city.

Not exactly revolutionary fodder for the primetime sitcom audience, but this is television, not NASA. We’re not inventing anything new, here. You want edgy and new, go watch BBC. They’ve got guys jumping off buildings and surviving.

Eliza Coupe, who played Jane on Happy Endings, is also building her resume with a role on USA’s Benched. Coupe stars in this quirky comedy about an attractive girl who struggles in love, work, and play. Another show we’ve all seen before, but again, not NASA.

Happy Endings‘ Casey Wilson, who played Penny, is making a name for herself in primetime on NBC’s pilot Marry Me. Coincidentally, Marry Me is written by David Caspe, showrunner of “Endings.” Currently in pre-production, Wilson will be starring alongside funny-man Ken Marino in this comedy about the highs and lows of engaged life.

Other “Endings” stars seem to be finding happiness in their own careers. Adam Pally landed a twelve-episode run on The Mindy Project, and Damon Wayans, Jr. clinched an eleven-episode run on New Girl. Elisha Cuthbert has stayed quiet in terms of recent gigs, but that’s not something to worry, about–the Canadian actress never seems short of roles.

It seems Happy Endings was just the beginning for a lot of the cast members, which is something the show’s fans can be happy about.

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