House of Cards season two to premiere Feb. 14

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The long-awaited premiere of Netflix’s political drama House of Cards is less than a week away, and the series’ followers are (impatiently) waiting on the edge of their seats.

House of Cards‘ fast-paced and scandalous story follows Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey), an under-appreciated Senator in D.C. trying to even the score after being overlooked for Secretary of State. When things don’t go Underwood’s way, the puppet-master plays his DC minions like a violin, manipulating his associates to ensure his desired outcome. Audiences find themselves rooting for Underwood, despite his underhanded politics and selfish motivations. He plays politics like the game of cards it is, making him both a hero and a villain.

Underwood’s anti-hero status makes for an interesting supporting cast–individuals that can be his enemy one moment and truest companion the next. Always by his side is wife Claire Underwood, portrayed by Robin Wright. Claire has a political agenda of her own, being that she runs a very high-profile non-profit in DC. Struggling to know Francis as a foe or friend is journalist Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara).

The wide-eyed Barnes is toeing the line between corrupt journalism and self-actualization. Her career is booming, but at what cost? Season One featured Senator Pete Russo (Corey Stoll), a kid from the wrong side of the tracks that reformed himself to become a big player in DC’s democratic party–and also one of Francis Underwood’s pawns. With new players entering the game in season 2, Francis must either find a way to control them or he will crumble beneath them.

At the end of the first season, Francis Underwood has been asked to step into the role of Vice President–a huge improvement from that Secretary of State job he had originally wanted. With the VP title, season two brings more criticism and skepticism than Francis faced in season one. Now under a microscope, the senator feels his collar tighten beneath the critical press and public. Dirty laundry from his past comes back to haunt him, and Francis finds himself on a very slippery slope.

Heading into season two, fans can expect more of Underwood’s shady political tactics, more scandal on Capitol Hill, and much, much more of Kate Mara’s forehead. Because holy crap, that thing is huge. She’s still adorable, though, and we love her.


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