Hulu to Premiere Fraggle Rock Spinoff The Doozers

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In an effort to expand their growing children’s programming arsenal, Hulu plans to produce Fraggle Rock spinoff, The Doozers. If that sentence doesn’t excite you to the point of total brain explosion, then clearly you are not familiar with Fraggle Rock.

Let me get you familiar: there is a lighthouse somewhere on the Eastern Seaboard that has a hole in the wall, and this hole in the wall is a magical place. You can dance your cares away, save your worries for another day…well, here, just watch the Fraggle Rock theme and you’ll be caught up.

Doozers will be Hulu’s first exclusive original series for the youth audience, an important step in keeping up with competitors like Amazon Prime and Netflix. While all three Video on Demand (VOD) providers have an extensive line-up of syndicated children’s programming (Hulu currently has rights to original Fraggle Rock episodes), Hulu is breaking new ground with a web-exclusive kids’ program in Doozers.

Unlike successful original web-exclusive series (think House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, both Netflix), VOD providers are scrambling to produce original content exclusive to their sites. Doozers, however, is not original, despite only being available in the U.S. via Hulu.

The show has aired in Australian and European markets, and Hulu has no creative claim on the concept, characters, or story. DHX Media (Yo Gabba Gabba) is working with Hulu to bring the show to the American audience, giving Hulu an edge over the competition with programming that is only available on its site.


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