NBC to Revive “Heroes” with “Heroes Reborn”

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Never has a hero died a more tragic death than with NBC’s much-beloved series Heroes. The first season’s epic run sucked in America, averaging 14.3 million viewers an episode, the highest primetime ratings NBC had seen in five years. But it was the proceeding three seasons that brought the primetime titan to its knees, losing the fanbase one convoluted storyline at a time.

Creator Tim Kring still had faith in the show and in the Heroes universe–the world that gave the show its early popularity by promising average joes and janes they, too, could be a hero…but only if they looked good in a cheerleading outfit. Turns out Kring was right to believe in Heroes, as NBC has ordered up a 13-episode series titled Heroes Reborn, a revival series unrelated to the characters and stories of the original show.

Heroes Reborn is scheduled to air in 2015 and will include a digital series to be released prior to the show’s air date. The digital series will introduce the new characters and plot.

The standalone Heroes Reborn is clouded in secrecy and is being kept behind NBC’s closed doors, but rumors are flying about the return of original cast members. The network is hoping to mimic other revival attempts, such as Fox’s 24: Live Another Day, and is relying heavily on the show’s early fans to return.

There’s a sense of redemption with this revival attempt in that the world wants to know if the Heroes we fell in love with in season one can be resurrected. With over 10 million copies of the first season sold on DVD, it’s a fair bet that several viewers will tune in, not out of loyalty, but out of curiosity. Can Heroes Reborn parallel the first season? Can it breathe new life into the franchise that fell so dramatically?

Given the success of hero shows such as CW’s Arrow and ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., NBC is banking that today’s viewing audience is more receptive to superhero shows than they were five years ago. With a new group of hero-hungry viewers, Heroes Reborn could prove to be more successful than its predecessor.

Check out the teaser trailer here:

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