Shia LeBeouf’s #IAMSORRY Art Exhibition

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By Anna Turner


After months of tweeting “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE” and wearing a paper bag bearing that same phrase at Berlin Film Festival, Shia LeBeouf reached the height of his weirdness in a Los Angeles art exhibition aimed to provide reparations for LeBeouf. The art exhibition was titled #IAMSORRY, and is a response to LeBeouf’s plagiarism scandals.

The actor got himself in the hot seat after he allegedly plagiarized graphic novel by Daniel Clowes. LeBeouf’s directorial debut gained love at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, but the film was scrutinized a year later when the script was revealed to be nearly an exact replication of Clowes’ work. It seemed LeBeouf ran into more problems with creative copyright when he stepped into the world of comic book writing. His books Let’s F***ing Party and Stale N Mate were eerily similar to the work of Charles Bukowski and Benoit Duteurtre, respectively.

All the rumors and scandal led LeBeouf to continually tweet the phrase “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE,” a message he drove home by wearing a paper bag at Berlin Film Festival reading “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE.” LeBeouf was at the Berlin Film Festival for the premiere of his film Nymphomaniac. According to reports, LeBeouf was wearing the same bag at the live art exhibition #IAMSORRY.

The exhibition consisted of LeBeouf sitting in an empty room with the bag over his head while exhibition visitors subjected him to various forms of torture–from a bowl of critical tweets to a set of players, LeBeouf was surrendering himself completely to the hurt, anger, outrage, and confusion his actions have caused over the past couple of years.

The exhibition’s intention was to physicalize the actor’s remorse and his need to level the playing field. It is perhaps the most raw and unique apology ever made by a celebrity, and it seems that LeBeouf is entering a new stage of maturity in his career. It seems he has only just begun to make headlines.

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