Top 5 Super Bowl social media blurbs

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Social media is cool on so many levels. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are all amazing tools for professional and personal purposes.

Admittedly, I use them more for the professional benefits, but I do enjoy the personal stuff, and occasionally, it provides excellent fodder for blog posts.

The day after the Super Bowl, which saw Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos suffered a brutal beating at the hands of NFC champ Seattle, the social networks were rife with heartrending and hilarious commentary about the game.

There were hundreds of Brilliant and Insane shares. Here are our top 5 2014 Super Bowl social media blurbs.

  1. “oh my god RT @barkbox: Interception, Peyton Manning. #ruhroh (see picture above)
  2. Bronco defensive end Shaun Phillips’ son texted, “It’s ok daddy u r still my hero.” 
  3. “My pee wee team tackled better than the Broncos. But wait, it’s Manning’s fault.”
  4. “If I were running sound for the Super Bowl, I’d just have Flea take a bass solo for the entire game.”
  5. Peyton Manning saw his shadow yesterday on Groundhog Day. Unfortunately, the shadow picked him off too.”
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