Canadian condom piercer story makes for great debate

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A man wants to impregnate his girlfriend, because he’s afraid she’s going to leave him, so he begins piercing the condoms she makes him wear during sex. The girl becomes pregnant, confronts her boyfriend, who admits to the deception. The woman then goes to the police and files charges against her boyfriend for sexual assault. Sound reasonable?

This fantastic tale might be something a social studies or language arts teachers would share with students as a marvelous debate topic. The story, though, is real, and the man was convicted, faces jail time and will be registered as a sex offender, according to the BBC.

The debate

When initially reading this story, one might be shocked at the Canadian Supreme Court’s decision. Wasn’t the woman a willing partner? Isn’t there risk of pregnancy with condoms, regardless of if they’re pierced? Isn’t registering the man as a sex offender ridiculously harsh?

On the other hand, isn’t it a woman’s right to not get pregnant? Wasn’t requiring a condom for sex the same as saying No to a baby?

This might make for some excellent case research and solid debate for middle or high school students.

So, would you use this story for a class debate? Let us know how you think it would work.

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