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People love being offended.

Never has this been more obvious than in the trending #CancelColbert campaign on Twitter, an uprising against the comedian’s allegedly racist tweet against Asians.

Colbert has been pissing people off for years, and it’s pretty much been hilarious. But for some reason, people seem to think the above tweet went too far.

The tweet was a satirical take on Washington Redskins’ owner Dan Snyder’s Original Americans Foundation, a group Colbert claims is an attempt at positive PR for the NFL, mitigating the supposed racism of the Redskins’ mascot. I’m not saying that the tweet isn’t racist, but I’m not saying it isn’t awesome, either.

For starters, Stephen Colbert is a known satirist, humorist, and comic. He makes jokes for a living. Humor is supposed to be irreverent and offensive. Without the incongruent darkness of a twisted punchline, there would be no joke.

You cannot call for the downfall of a funnyman for being funny under the presumed banner of offensive humor. No shit, it’s offensive. It’s humor. It’s satire. Let’s just calm down, OK?

Colbert is giving the world the opportunity to see serious issues through a lighthearted lens. If anything, we should be thanking him for making us laugh, for continually delivering heavy content in a relatable manner, and for calling out the idiots running society into the ground.

But of course we can’t thank him, as most of us revel in the outrage brought on by offensive comments. There’s a self-deprecating joy people find in the scandal of being offended, and those people get high on things like #CancelColbert.

So for those of you posting and tweeting and blogging about how personally hurt you are by Colbert’s joke, how about you save yourself all this pain and despair by electing not to follow or watch Colbert? I feel like that’s a pretty easy solution to the problem. You’re welcome.

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