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Daniel Pink awes thousands in ASCD opening keynote

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Via Krissy Venosdale on Instagram

With tongue firmly in cheek, bestselling author Daniel Pink claimed he wasn’t going to talk about education in his opening keynote address at the 69th annual ASCD conference and Exhibit Show in Los Angeles. “I won’t say that tying teacher pay to test scores is an unbelievably, wretchedly bad idea,” Pink deadpanned, as thousands of educators from around the world applauded.

Pink seamlessly wove ideas from his recent book, To Sell is Human, with thoughts on how to educate effectively, in spite of his early claim to avoid talking about education. At the forefront of most of Pink’s message is intrinsic motivation. If people, including students, want to do things, Pink suggests, they will do them. A simple, yet profound, idea.

In education, we tend to emphasize how to do things, Pink Says. What truly impacts learning is explaining why we do things.

Pink’s keynote was the perfect beginning to this amazing event that is giving more than 9,000 educators from across the globe much to think about.

If you were there, please tell us your favorite part of Pink’s speech.

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