Cleveland Indians Scrub Chief Wahoo from Their Baseball Cap Prompting Curiosity About What’s Next for the So-Called Racist Logo

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photo credit: soul_motor via photopin cc

The Cleveland Indians seem to be succumbing to pressure from some fans, politicians, media and various other protesters, as the organization has apparently started fazing out their Chief Wahoo logo.

Chief Wahoo, pictured above, has been replaced on the Indians’ cap with a plain block C, which looks like something the club hired a four year old to design. As the outcry against the logo escalates, the Indians steadfastly deny any change. In fact, the team’s director of communication, Curtis Danburg, told, “There’s no process to eliminate Chief Wahoo.”

Still, as the 2014 season opened, the chief was conspicuously missing from the ball cap.

The Indians are often likened to the NFL’s Washington Redskins, who are ridiculed by many for the Redskins nickname, considered to be racist by some native American tribes, which links Cleveland to quite an unsavory debate.

Is Chief Wahoo racist? Some say, Yes. Others say, No.

Either way, as the logo slowly moves from the heads of Cleveland players down the uniform, one must wonder just how long Chief Wahoo will remain a staple of Indians baseball.

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