What’s Your iPod?

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People I’m close to know I’m a huge fan of the late Steve Jobs. I recently watched the movie about his life, Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher in the lead role.

The biopic begins with a remarkable scene, in which Jobs delivers one of his epic speeches in 2001 at an Apple Town Hall meeting. In his textbook style, Jobs tells the mesmerized audience about a tool for the heart. “When you can touch someone’s heart,” Kutcher says, gracefully capturing Jobs’ melodic voice, “that’s limitless.” He then reaches into his bluejeans’ pocket and produces an iPod. The scene is a perfect beginning to a very entertaining story about a truly visionary man.

As the scene shifted, flashing back to Jobs’ college days in the late 1970s, I considered the impact that the iPod and all devices beginning with “i” have had on the world. Jobs and Apple have touched my heart and the hearts of hundreds of millions of people, with revolutionary technologies.

Everyone can’t be Steve Jobs. We can’t all create the next life-altering device or write beautiful music or find the cure for AIDS. Still, can’t every single person contribute something unique? Don’t we all have our own special brand of “i”?

Consider what you might contribute — whether it’s the next great novel or a simple smile you give to a child in need.

What’s your iPod? Be sure to touch someone’s heart with it today.

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