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5 Recent Posts That Readers Think Are Either Brilliant or Insane

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Since our move to a new platform, web host and design, we’ve been so busy creating content and recruiting contributors that we haven’t posted a Top 5 in a while. People are reading, though, and they see plenty here that they regard as either brilliant or insane.

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  1. If You Want Students to Learn Math, Have Them Write About It — Math and writing don’t seem to mix, so this title and story caught readers’ eyes. With thousands of page views and social shares this week, this is one of Brilliant or Insane’s hottest posts in quite some time.
  2. 5 Web Tools for Giving Students Narrative Feedback — Two important education topics together in one post, sparked plenty of attention.
  3. Conchita Wurst Inspires As She Rises Like A Phoenix — Gender identity is an issue that educators and parents need to understand and teach to children. Conchita Wurst shows us the best of someone who is different, yet beautiful, and this is a wonderful piece to open the minds of all people, about gender identity issues.
  4. Why We Care About Nigeria’s Missing Girls — In the inaugural edition of Brilliant or Insane’s new weekly Friday column, Under Scrutiny, managing editor Anna Turner offers her unique perspective on U.S involvement in this volatile situation.
  5. Wednesday Web Round-Up Features Face-Eating Camel — Another new feature at Brilliant or Insane is our Wednesday Web Round-Up, where we share the week’s most brilliant and insane story, photo and video. This first edition included an amazing picture of a camel biting someone’s face.
 Bonus Pick 

Non-Teachers Teaching: Yay or Nay?

Which of these is your favorite? Please share your thoughts in the LiveFyre comment section below, and let’s make this an ongoing conversation.

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