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This weekly recap of popular posts is not only a reminder of what people see as either brilliant or insane, it’s a tribute to you — the reader who makes each post meaningful enough to make the list. Thanks, and please keep reading.

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  1. Surgeons Don’t Need Grades — A smart debate on Twitter about grades led to a tweet about surgeons and grades. That tweet set the wheels in motion for this post.
  2. The Most Important Video Ever — Read the post. Watch the video. Enough said.
  3. If You Want Students to Learn Math, Have Them Write About It — See how a wonderful teacher has her students demonstrate math skills.
  4. 7 Reasons Teachers Should Stop Grading Their Students Forever — In a continuing effort to revolutionize education by eliminating traditional grades, this post explains why teachers should stop placing numbers and letters on our students’ work.
  5. 5 Reasons Homework Destroys Learning — Grades are a hot topic here at Brilliant or Insane, but homework is still stirring the most conversation, as evidenced by this piece — still our most popular post.
 Bonus Pick 

How to Be a Recognized Expert

Which of these is your favorite? Please share your thoughts in the LiveFyre comment section below, and let’s make this an ongoing conversation.

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