Why Teaching New Teachers the Common Core Is a Bad Idea

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Some states are passing laws that require teacher preparation programs to include academic content standards. There are a host of reasons why this is a bad idea.

One is that many of the standards are poorly written. Another is that the assessments being used to evaluate learning of the standards are so flawed that some states are opting out of the Common Core.

The most important reason that teaching content standards is a waste of valuable pre-service education time is that the shelf life of the Common Core may not be much longer than a jar of peanut butter.

Think this claim is dubious? Consider these issues with the Common Core:

Save pre-service educators

These kinds of ill-conceived reform measures always disappear. Knowing this, it’s illogical to spend valuable time, resources and money, training pre-service teachers content standards that surely won’t exist in their current form in a few years.

Instead, let’s teach new teachers how to create engaging, technology-rich lessons and activities and how to employ 21st-century assessment strategies. There is so much more that pre-service educators need to learn (more on this later), and the Common Core will only get in the way.

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