Summer Break Quotes Most Teachers Never Said

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Summer is a time for teachers to break from a long year of hard work and to recharge their batteries for the following year.

Heading into summer, teachers have often been heard saying things like, “I’m looking forward to catching up on some pleasure reading,” or “Family vacation will be wonderful; I have so little time during the school year to spend with my own kids.”

Then there are the kind of statements that many non-educators believe the average teacher always says when summer break arrives, based mostly on the myth that teachers teach, just so they can reach the Holy Grail — summer. Of course, we educators know these things are rarely said.

Summer quotes most teacher never said
  1. “I’m so glad to get away from these wretched kids.”
  2. “Finally. I’ve been counting down from 185, and I thought I’d never get to zero.”
  3. “If I never see this school again, it will be too soon.”
  4. “I couldn’t get away from my horrible colleagues fast enough. I’m so tired of how they fawn over these kids.”
  5. “Nine weeks goes by in a blink. It’s time to extend this break.”
  6. “Ugh, 29 more years until retirement.”
  7. “I’m not even going to think about school or students until late August.”

So, what did we miss. Any insane comments people believe teachers say that you know most never do?

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