Top 5 Posts This Week: May 30

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Check out the top posts from this week. Brilliant, insane, or both, these are the things our readers love.

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  1. #YesAllWomen — Hashtag activism finds a new platform with #YesAllWomen, a hashtag movement in response to the UCSB shooting being blamed on its victims.
  2. Remembering Maya Angelou — American poet and activist Maya Angelou passed away, and her legacy’s widespread impact is evident in the multitudes her words have affected.
  3. 7 Keys to Rebuilding Teacher Preparation Programs — Teacher preparation programs continually leave our educators without the tools needed for successful schools. These seven ideas offer a solution to these lacking prep programs.
  4. Has America Lost Sight of Memorial Day? — This Memorial Day, we pause and think if we’re losing sight of the holiday’s purpose.
  5. America: It’s Time to Break Up With Guns — Before any form of Gun Control can be successful in America, the country first needs to change its attitude toward guns.

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