4 Ways Educators Benefit from the S Pen

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iPad and the stylus
Stylus pens have been used with many technologies since the Palm Pilot in the early ’90s. As technology has changed so has the use of the stylus pen. Now, as technology is becoming more common in schools, teachers can take advantage of the stylus with many practical applications for teaching and preparing lesson plans inside and outside the classroom. Here are 4 ways to use the S Pen.

1 – Prepare Lesson Plans with Skitch

Teachers can use Skitch to help organize and implement lesson plans. Evernote already has a great platform for organizing notes and creating presentations (or in this case lesson plans), but Skitch takes it a step further by allowing you to write and draw within the app. Instead of highlighting notes on hardcopy, Skitch enables you to focus on what is important in an image or PDF by drawing or marking with arrows, shapes or words. This will help you pinpoint the most important data in order to create highly organized lesson plans.

2 – Collaborate With Other Teachers

Use Soonr Scribble to share and edit documents with your fellow teachers. Sometimes you get stuck creating the week’s lesson plan and collaborating with other teachers will help spark ideas. In Scribble, you can share all your documents and edit them within the cloud using your stylus to help identify and highlight the essentials. Assuming your cohorts adopt tablet technology into their arsenal, the collaborative effort will make things easier on you and provide your students with a higher quality education.

3 – Present With Your Tablet

Connect your tablet to your classroom projector and use the Skitch app from above to present directly to your students. Even beyond the Skitch app, you can seamlessly switch to other apps that may help in your lesson plan. Perhaps you can use a video from YouTube to visually explain covalent bonds or play a song for your Spanish class. Tablet presentations can eliminate the need for messy chalkboards and whiteboards and also heighten organization and preparedness.

4 – Communicate With Your Students

Another great tool for teachers is Edmodo, which helps them establish a better line of communication with their students. Teachers can use their kids’ familiarity with social media to better communicate with them on a similar platform.

Move discussions beyond the classroom and onto the Internet where you can keep them more engaged to topics covered in class. Post an article you ran across that you think would help your students on their latest project. Personalize the education experience for each student through apps integrated through Edmodo. Give your students another fun way to stay engaged.

The app also allows for you to track all of your students’ progress online, which helps you better organize your grade book as well as find out which students may be struggling.

Samsung also has its own platform designed for educators that integrates the Galaxy Note with the S Pen. The platform works for classes that provide tablets to all students. It allows teachers to control students if they lose focus, enhances group discussion, allows students to hold group members accountable when working on projects and even allows for you to share your screen with your students when you are going through a lesson.

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