Best of July 2014: Were We Brilliant or Insane?

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photo credit: Keith Allison via photopin cc
photo credit: Keith Allison via photopin cc

July certainly featured some big events, not the least of which was the announcement heard round the world that LeBron James was heading home.

Texting, Twitter, and feedback were just a few more popular topics here, in the not-so-hot (at least temperature wise) month of July. With August underway, let’s take a moment to look back before moving forward.

Best of July 2014 on Brilliant or Insane
  1. 5 Reasons Every Person in the World Should Be on Twitter: This simple list post turned out to be the hottest article in Brilliant or Insane history. It stirred up quite a buzz on, where else, Twitter.
  2. 5 Things to Avoid When Providing Feedback for Learning: Grades and feedback are popular topics at Brilliant or Insane. This what-not-to-do post caught the eyes of thousands of loyal fans.
  3. Tell Your Teacher I’m Breaking Up With Homework: This fun little piece, mocking an elementary school homework assignment, proved to be not so little in terms of popularity.
  4. 5 Reasons to Allow Text Messaging in Your Classroom: Students love text messaging, and this post explains how to use it to engage them in learning (oops, we may have given away one of the reasons already).
  5. Why You Should Throw Out Your Tests and Quizzes: If you think tests and quizzes are necessary to education, don’t miss this post.
  6. 5 Lessons LeBron James Taught Kids in His Return to Cleveland: LeBron’s announcement that he was heading back to Cleveland shook up the basketball world. When the shock wore off, there were lessons to be learned.

Bonus Pick

Harvard Study of Value-Added Teachers Misses the Mark

So, which posts are brilliant and which are insane? You tell us.

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