Top 5 Reasons Students Cheat

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via photopin creative commons
via photopin creative commons

A recent Brilliant or Insane post sparked some discussion on Twitter about cheating in school.

So, why do students cheat?

My own 20 years as a classroom teacher and many discussions with colleagues and on social media helped me craft a very long list of reasons why students cheat in school. After some contemplation, I cut the list to what I see as the most important reasons.

Top 5 Reasons Students Cheat in School
  1. Pressure to make grades
  2. Pressure to conform
  3. Pressure from parents
  4. Pressure from teachers
  5. Belief that there is no value in the activity

Notice that four of the reasons are about pressure. Should learning involve pressure?

Are there other reasons students cheat in school that should have made the top 5?

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