Give Students a Voice with Movenote

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One of the smartest web tools and mobile applications for screencasting is Movenote. Teachers can create powerful webinars for students, staff presentations or even for parent communication. Plus, students can use Movenote to build their own presentations, giving a voice to even your shy students.

Movenote, which comes with a mobile app, has a webcam narration feature, so students can add pictures and slides to a presentation, and they can talk about them, in effect, creating an oral presentation.

Movenote makes it easy to upload PowerPoint presentations (I uploaded over 60 slides in minutes), PDFs, or pictures from your computer. Plus, you can take pictures while in Movenote and create the presentation as you go.

Once your screencast/webinar is complete, you can share it to social media, email it or embed it on your blog or web site. Imagine the remarkable presentations your students can create with Movenote with their Smartphones, computers or tablets.

This video demonstrates the ease of use of

Are you using Movenote in your class? Let us know its impact, in our comment section below.

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