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Do your students have the skills that are necessary to be global learners? Do you possess the requisite skills to teach global learners? Are you a global learner?

In my forthcoming Corwin Connected Educators Series book, I will define 5 Skills for Global Learners. I would like to share a few anecdotes from educators who are engaging global learners, and I need your help.

Do you have a story that involves global learning using any of the following skills? Have you tweeted or Skyped with someone from another state or country? Do your students have PLNs? Are you or your students curating content with ScoopIt, Feedly, Fipboard or something else? Do you blog with teachers and/or students from other countries?

Share your story in the comment section below. The best ones just might make it into my book.

5 skills for the global learner

1—Creating and Sharing Digital Information

  • Screencasting for teaching and learning
  • Jing, Animoto, Movenote and other screencasting tools
  • Global communication
  • Skype, Google Hangouts, Cloud Computing

2—Using Social Media for Worldwide Sharing

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

3—Publishing to various media

4–Building a Personal Learning Network

  • A global learning network
  • Where to find PLN members

5–Using Aggregators to Create, Maintain and Share Content

  • ScoopIt
  • Flipboard
  • Feedly
  • HootSuite

Don’t forget to share your global learning story in our comment section.

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