5 Ways to Make Homework Fun: Infographic

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You may have opened this post only out of morbid curiosity. Brilliant or Insane promoting homework? Fun and homework in the same sentence? Maybe the folks at B or I have truly gone insane, you may have thought.

So, this wonky headline may be one of the more insane post titles we’ve ever written, but there just might be some brilliance wrapped in the insanity.

Sure, we hate homework. We’ve said homework is flawed, we’ve argued that homework destroys learning, and we’ve even promised that we’re breaking up with homework. Have we flipped on our view? Definitely not.

Here at B or I, we still take a dim view of most homework, especially anything we’d call traditional or rote memory. In most schools, though, homework is still a reality, and this infographic puts a unique spin on it–making homework fun.

So, if there is to be homework, why not help your children enjoy it. Here are 5 ways:

5 Ways to Make Homework Fun for Kids Infographic
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