Assessment 3.0: 4 Simple Words that Will Revolutionize Learning

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SE2R feedback
Four simple words that revolutionize learning

As a loyal reader of Brilliant or Insane, you get a sneak peek at arguably the most important visual (pictured above) in my upcoming TED Talk. This is SE2R Feedback–the essence of Assessment 3.0.

If you’ve been here before, or if you’re a member of the Teachers Throwing Out Grades Facebook group, of if you’ve visited the Assessment 3.0 Facebook page, you likely already understand SE2R feedback. The graphic above is just one example of how SE2R works. The key to the success of Assessment 3.0, a system that eliminates all traditional grades, is the simplicity of SE2R feedback.

4 simple words that eliminate traditional grades


It’s important to tell students what you’ve observed.


Engage students in a conversation about what they’ve learned, based on specific lessons, instructions or guidelines that have been presented in class.


When you believe a skill or concept has not been mastered, invite students to return to prior learning and review lessons and models.


Encourage students to rework activities, based on prior learning; then, ask them to resubmit their work, so the conversation about learning can continue.

Ongoing conversation and mastery learning

Assessment 3.0, based on SE2R feedback or other conversations between students and teachers, creates an ongoing, objective conversation about learning that leads to mastery learning.

Students love narrative feedback, without punitive number and letter grades. When students engage in conversation about learning and are not penalized for making mistakes, they become enthusiastic, independent learners.

Assessment 3.0 is revolutionizing teaching and learning worldwide. Public and private schools are transitioning to a no-grades approach. Colleges are beginning to replace the GPA with digital portfolios and other objective means of evaluating enrollees.

Best of all, Assessment 3.0 is making learning fun, and this is a truly beautiful thing.

Join the movement

Encourage education stakeholders in your community to create a conversation about learning. Ask school administrators and teachers to embrace Assessment 3.0.

Share this post, and like the Assessment 3.0 Facebook page.

Join the movement and help revolutionize education with 4 simple words.

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