6 Secrets to Becoming a Great Health Educator

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6 Secrets to Becoming a Great Health Educator

by Karleia

With obesity on the rise, health education is becoming more and more important. While anyone can pursue this path, only a select few will become a truly great health educator. What is it that makes these teachers so much better than the rest?


A skilled health educator understands what she is teaching. Some concepts can be a bit abstract to those new to the subject, but the best always know how to explain health and fitness topics in an easily understood and simplistic way. Not only do you need to understand health and fitness, you need to be able to make students understand it.


Lies permeate everything, and health is no exception. From fad diets to fad workout routines, real health is marred by noise. A well trained health educator ignores this and knows the real truth. He preaches this to students, even if the popular opinion is against him.


To become a good teacher, you need an education. The aspiring health educator needs either a university degree or online health education program. Aside from giving you the credentials you need to instruct, these programs are designed to also train you in the ways of handling students and how to pursue learning even once you have graduated.


Teachers try everything within reason. In order to speak from experience, you have to have had experiences. A health educator should attempt different exercises, eat different foods and otherwise push herself outside of the comfort zone. The more you try, the more wisdom you will have to pass on.


Great health educators practice what they teach. Students are suspicious of instructors who can’t do what they tell others to do and will offer resistance. By living by the methods and values you try to instill in others, you become a living testament to the validity of your health knowledge.

6-Continuing education

The truly great accept that they will never know everything. Because of this, they understand the necessity of learning something new every day. Many often state that the more they learn, the less they know. A superior health educator should always look for places to continue his health education.

These six things can be applied to any field, but they are often overlooked by people in health education. Strength in these six areas will definitely make you a better health educator.

Karleia is a freelance blogger and advocate of online health education programs

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