Why Traditional Grades Fail All Students: #TTOG Chat

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TTOG twitter chat

Traditional grades inhibit learning. Traditional grades make all students fail (yes, even so-called A students).

The Teachers Throwing Out Grades Facebook group is bringing the no-grades classroom to Twitter, where we’ll explain why traditional grades are an ineffective assessment practice. In fact, during the #TTOG twitter chat, we will contend that grades do not assess learning at all.

Teachers Throwing Out Grades is a large group with a growing voice. These educators from across the globe are on a serious mission to eliminate traditional grades in schools worldwide. We want to share this discussion with everyone, including those who can’t comprehend a classroom without traditional grades, in a live Twitter chat.

Join the #TTOG Twitter chat

  • What: A live Twitter chat, using the #TTOG hashtag.
  • Where: On Twitter–include the hashtag #TTOG in all tweets during the chat.
  • When: Monday 7-7:30 PM ET.
  • Why: To discuss why grades fail our students and how to create an ongoing conversation about learning that inspires independent, self-evaluative students.
  • Who: Members of the Teachers Throwing Out Grades group and every educator worldwide who wants to reconsider how we assess learning.

Understanding Twitter chats

If you’re new to Twitter and aren’t sure you understand a Twitter chat, using a hashtag, this brief video will help you become an expert.

Join the Teachers Throwing Out Grades group in this amazing movement to eliminate traditional grades from education. Discuss the no-grades classroom Monday at 7 PM ET, using the hashtag #TTOG.

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