10 Success Strategies for New Teachers

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New teachers need plenty of support. This infographic from ASCD provides 10 tips to make new teachers successful.

strategies for new teachers
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Here are a few of our favorites.

Deny yourself and students the option of failure: Even veteran teachers are prone to argue that students fail because they don’t complete activities, projects and homework. Before falling into the “It’s-their-own-fault” trap, change your mantra to “If they fail, I fail.” Then, ask yourself questions that may help stop failure in your classroom. For example, what if you eliminate traditional grades entirely? Is it possible to alter activities and projects in a way that will engage even your most reluctant learner? What if you stop assigning nightly homework? The answers to these questions may lead new teachers to start trends that will infect veteran colleagues and reform education.

Use students’ strengths to help them learn: Some teachers continue to use outdated methods, because they see many of their colleagues doing the same. While many students may be strong enough researchers and writers to flourish on the traditional research project, for some, the old research paper can be a daunting task. Some new teachers are employing modern strategies and technologies that make research fun. Similarly, students who are too shy to participate in class discussions are eager to join an online chat, using TodaysMeet or Voxer. New teachers may have an advantage in working to students’ strengths, because of the modern strategies and differentiation concepts they’ve learned during pre-service.

Share strategies you use for learning with students: New teachers are sometimes more open with students than their veteran counterparts. While sharing personal information should bring a moment of pause, telling students your own strategies for learning is leading by example, and students appreciate this. If you want your students to love reading, be sure they see you reading. If teaching mental math, solve some math problems with them, using your own mental math skills. For new teachers, think mantra again. Starting lessons with “One of my strategies is. . .” will spark student interest and help them think the same way.

Check out the other new teacher strategies below and add to the list of strategies to make all new teachers successful.

10 Useful Tips for New Teachers Infographic
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