12 Blog Posts that Polarized Educators in 2014

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Time in a timeout
Time Magazine picked a fight with the wrong people

We made some polarizing statements and claims in 2014. Millions of educators have read, praised, lambasted, and shared our blog posts.

While many of our posts are informative, we like to write what we call “Education on the Edge.” We’re not afraid to be labeled as brilliant or insane. Our blog posts may polarize educators, but we think this is necessary if education is to change as it must.

So, we review 2014, proud of teachers–whether they think us brilliant or they think us insane. Either way, stay tuned for more polarizing blog posts in 2015.

12 most polarizing blog posts of 2014

January-This Year I’m Serious about My New Year’s Resolution: Eliminate Traditional Grades in Every School: We have pushed the no-grades classroom like no one has before. We’ve written books, created a powerful Facebook group, a Throw Out Grades resource library (www.throwoutgrades.com), and a popular Twitter chat-#TTOG. In 2015, we won’t stop.

February5 Reasons Homework Destroys Learning: B or I readers know we have many blog posts that rail against homework. This one, though, was more polarizing than others. Tens of thousands of educators read, commented and shared this hot-button post, declaring that homework is one of education’s biggest enemies.

March10 Ways Social Media Will Transform Your School: The evolution of digital learning is changing education. Social media is playing a major role, as this blog post demonstrates.

April-SE2R Feedback Forever Changes How Teachers, Students Evaluate Learning: In January, we promised to come after traditional grades. The SE2R model fuels the movement.

Don’t tell us Twitter is stupid! via photopin cc

May-#YesAllWomen: We took on gender objectification–a fantastic discussion starter for students.

June-5 Classroom Management Tips that Will Work at Any School: Like homework and grades, classroom management is a hot topic that can make for a variety of incendiary blog posts. This one blew people’s minds, causing quite a stir in education circles worldwide.

July- 5 Reasons Every Person in the World Should Be on Twitter: When someone suggested that Twitter is “stupid,” we knew clarification was in order. Thousands took notice, and Twitter grew.

August-6 Ways Teachers Kill the Joy of Reading: Our most popular blog post ever. Enough said.

September-8 Ways Teachers Make Students Love Reading: More than 50,000 teachers read and shared August’s polarizing article on killing the joy of reading. So how do teachers make students love reading, they wondered. We answered.

October-Rotten Journalism: 4 Ways Time Magazine Misrepresents Teachers: Time Magazine called teachers “rotten apples,” and we weren’t having it.

November-3 Horrifying Facts about the Common Core: What if the standards were not written by teachers?

December-Why Teachers Need a Shot of Uncomfortable: One tweet angered some teachers, so we explained why it’s good for educators to be uncomfortable.

Hopefully, these blog posts quenched your thirst for thoughtful content. Don’t miss a single article in the future. We’ll be more brilliant and more insane than ever, and people will talk.

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Mark Barnes is the Founder of Times 10 Publications, which produces the popular Hack Learning Series, The uNseries, and other books from some of education's most reputable teachers and leaders. Barnes presents internationally on assessment, connected education, and Hack Learning. Connect with @markbarnes19 on Twitter.

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